AEK walk in Ukraine, 1-4 in Zoria

AEK set up a “party” in Ukraine, with the Union beating Zoria 4-1 and re-entering the “game” of qualification! The Yellow-Blacks, led by Livagia who scored twice, played very good football, “cleared” the work early and with another victory over Zoria in OAKA, in the next match, they will take a huge step to be in the next phase of the institution. .AEK caught high levels of performance in its game, made collaborations and with Mandalos as the driving force, who even scored, reached a comfortable “three points”, which was in great need. With Gianluca Colonello on the bench but Carrera’s aura there, the Union made one of its best appearances in a group stage of a European tournament, showing that it is picking up momentum and finding a good rhythm. The match will start ideally for AEK. Only in the 7th minute will the Union manage to take the lead! Livagia will maneuver nicely in the area, he will return to Tankovic and he with a close place will make the 0-1 for the Yellow-Blacks! AEK managed from the beginning of the match to bring him to its measures. While in the 14th minute, he threatened again, again with Tankovic. Zoria seemed to be surprised by how the Union entered the game, but slowly it went up and put pressure. In the 23rd minute, the Ukrainians arrived for the first time with claims in the area of ​​AEK. But Kocherhin’s shot went wide. The Union was determined to lay a solid foundation for its victory, but in the 34th minute it scored a second goal! The Yellow and Blacks unfolded amazingly, Tankovic… served to Mandalos and the leader of AEK with a beautiful place made it 0-2! Dikefalos had fully imposed his rhythm. Three minutes after the goal, Mandalos will catch a header through the area, with the ball ending up in Shevchenko’s arms. The hosts tried to react and find a goal before the break. And in the 43 ‘they almost succeeded. After a cross from the right and a mistake by Nedeltsiaro, the ball will be passed to Kabagev who from the height of the small area, will place over the horizontal bar of Tsintota. The second half started like the first. AEK was determined to finish the job and did it early! In 54 ‘Livagia will go to an individual effort, will enter the area and with a personal goal of great class, will make 0-3, with the Union now “locking” the victory. Zoria changed faces and tactics, but could not create serious problems for AEK. On the contrary, the Union continued at the same pace and threatened again, with a header by Svarna that went a little out, in 68 ‘. As time passed, Dikefalos stepped more and more on his lead and retreated. Zoria came forward and after a long phase reduced to 1-3 with Kochergin, in 81’But the joy of the Ukrainians did not last long. Since with the cross, AEK managed to score again! After a good development, Vasilantonopoulos shot, Sevchenko repulsed and Livagia, who became the owner of the ball, scored for the second time, making the final 1-4! Goals: Tankovic 7 ‘, Mandalos 34’, Livagia 54 ‘, 82’, Kochergin 81 Yellows: Vernidum, Mandalos, Anarifard, Insua Reds: –Zoria: (V. Skripnik, 4-3-3): Shevchenko, Khomhenovsky (59 ‘Favorov), Vernidub, Hana, Sigangins, Kiganski ‘Gladiv), Lunov (46’ Nazaria), Gromov (46 ‘Sayad) AEK (M. Carrera, 3-5-2): Tsintotas, Svarnas, Tsigrinski, Nentelcearou, Vasilantonopoulos, Sakhof (70’ Sampanatzovic (85), Botos), Kristisic (85 ‘Galanopoulos), Insua, Livagia, Tankovic (75’ Ansarifard) Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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