AEK – OFI 2-1 Technologybud

AEK found them dark, was with its back to the wall, but managed to reach the overthrow and finally the victory against OFI. The Yellow and Blacks prevailed with 2-1 of the Cretans, with Sachhoff, who was for another match the top of the field, giving the solution and at the same time the “three points”. At the same time, the Union was in favor of the VAR, since for another racing the use of the video showed the desired result. After the “double” in Ioannina, where in three cases the VAR showed… yellow, with OFI in the draw phase put Nenteltsiarou in a normal position and scored the goal… The Union was not good, nevertheless had great opportunities, among them and a beam with the Knife. Despite the 0-1 of OFI, she showed patience in her game, corrected her weaknesses and achieved a stressful, but very important victory, in the battle for the championship. Massimo Carrera gave Tankovic a basic jersey as expected, while leaving on the bench Marco Livia, choosing Macheiras for the right. While Ansarifard started at the top for another match. The match will start dynamically. OFI will manage to take the lead in the 6th minute with Stergeon taking advantage of Hind’s bad pursuit and with a powerful shot to make it 0-1! The Cretans surprised AEK that entered the stadium sluggishly and seemed blocked. The Union was slow to react. The first good moment of the hosts came in the 23rd minute, with a header by Mandalos that ended up in Waterman’s arms. It was clear that for AEK there were serious issues on the field. Carrera’s team not only could not create, but also presented problems in the suspension operation. In the 26th minute, OFI threatened again, with a shot by Sakor from the height of the large area that was blocked by Tsintotas in his corner. The Yellow-Blacks seemed to wake up after this phase. And in the 33rd minute they equalized! After a clever foul by Mandalos, Nedeltsiarou will be thrown into the back of the visitors’ defense and will make it 1-1 with a header! The goal gave air to AEK, which in the 43rd minute touched the upset. The ball after a filling was passed to Macheiras who caught a dry shot with his left and shook the left crossbar of OFI’s goal! This was the last good moment of the first part, which ended with the two teams drawing 1-1. In the second half, the Union will enter the match with the intention to push early. In the 52nd minute he will lose a great opportunity for 2-1, again with Macheiras. The young ace will be found after a wrong cut in OFI’s defense in the area, he will shoot, but the Cretan goalkeeper will repel. This was the last attempt of Macheiras in the match as shortly after Carrera withdrew him, throwing him in the game Livagia. In the 62nd minute, the Croatian will score with his head, but the goal will be canceled with the referee estimating that he committed a foul on the opponent during the claim. In the 68th minute, Oliveira will enter the field, replacing Ansarifard. AEK had started to tighten the noose for good. In the 73rd minute, Livagia will catch a shot from inside the area, forcing Waterman in a difficult and impressive repulse. A minute later, however, the 2-1 will come! Sakhof will make an amazing effort from the left, he will maneuver and from a side position he will beat the OFI goalkeeper for 2-1, with a personal goal! The Union will make the upset and now the game was in its own hands. The Yellow-Blacks managed it properly, closed the spaces and in the end reached the “three point” that keeps them in touch with the top. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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