AEK – Leicester: Second defeat for the Union in the Europa League, lost 2-1

AEK may feel bitter from the result of tonight’s match with Leicester. The Union looked the English team in the eyes, had opportunities, pressed, but in the end left the field without a point. This 1-2 leaves AEK without a point in the group and further removes the dreams of qualifying. And yet things could be different tonight. If the two serious mistakes had not been made in Leicester’s goal phases, if Tankovic had a huge opportunity one minute after the goal he scored, if Carrera had “read” the match better from the beginning. With the “ifs” in football, however, nothing is done and so AEK is called to learn from tonight’s defeat and to look to recover the situation, with a victory over Zoria in the next match. Massimo Carrera lined up his team with four in the defense and Lopez in front of Insua in order to have more assists on the wing. The Union entered the match by pressing well and holding the ball on its feet. The Yellow-Blacks try to grow from the wings, without creating a final. The first dangerous moment of the match, however, will come from Leicester. The ball will be sent to Madison in the 15th minute, he will catch a strong shot from the height of the area but will not find a target. While in 18 ‘the English will open the score. In a vertical ball, Tsintotas will not do well, Vardi will “bite” the ball and the Union goalkeeper will overthrow him. The international team of Leicester will execute the penalty accurately and will open the score in OAKA, making it 0-1. This goal detuned AEK. In the 22nd minute, Leicester came close to a second goal. In an exemplary counterattack of the “Foxes”, Uder found himself against Tsintotas, but the Union goalkeeper defeated him. In the 27th minute, AEK will reach a draw. After a foul by Mandalos, the ball will move away, it will reach Bakakis who will “fill” and will find Livagia, in the back of the defense. The Croatian will catch a strong header and Smichel will instinctively repel! Two minutes later will come a new, huge opportunity for Dikefalos! Leicester defense will make a mistake, Livagia will win the ball and will face Smichel, but he will throw out! AEK failed to score in these two classic opportunities and paid for it. In the 39th minute, after a corner, the ball reached the Chaudry, forgotten by the defense of the Union, who made it 0-2 with a place through the area. Now AEK had a mountain to climb. Leicester had gone the match where it suited them, with the Yellow and Blacks being in a particularly difficult position from the first half. Carrera will start the second half with two changes. Tankovic instead of Livagia and Oliveira instead of Ansarifard. And the reaction will come immediately! In the 48th minute, Mandalos will “break” Leicester’s defense with a ball, Tankovic will “execute” Smichel and AEK will reduce it to 1-2! This goal woke up the Union for good, which in the next minute lost a unique opportunity to equalize, with the same protagonists! But this time Tankovic’s shot went just above the beam of the English goalkeeper! Apart from faces, AEK had also changed its lineup, playing 3-5-2 and Lopez becoming the third stopper. A shape that completely changed her image and at the same time confused Leicester a lot. The English were a little late but came out again to attack. In 67 ‘they lost a great opportunity for 1-3, but the nice place of Uder stopped on the horizontal bar of Tsintota. AEK with the match at this point increased the pressure going to the last part of the match. At the same time Leicester closed the premises without much inclination to develop. The game went to the final without anything substantial, with 1-2 remaining until the end. The 10th: Tankovic. The Swedish ace entered the match and almost turned it around… alone. The key: The fact that AEK paid two errors in the first half and had a mountain in front of it to climb later. Even with the huge improvement in her image, the result was impossible to reverse. On the bench: Svarnas. He had bad reactions and did not step well at all. Why coach: The team that Carrera presented did not work out at all and made things difficult for his team. However, the Italian coach showed reflexes and his changes contributed the most to change the image of AEK. Reds: –AEK (M. Carrera, 4-2-3-1): Tsintotas, Bakakis (86 ‘Vasilantonopoulos), Svarnas, Nedelcearou, Insua (86’ Sampanatzovic), Sakhof (86 ‘Macheiras), Kristisic, Livagia (46 ‘Tankovic), Mandalos, Lopez, Ansarifard (46’ Oliveira) Leicester (M. Rogers, 3-4-3): Schmeichel, Fofana, Morgan, Fuchs (46 ‘Thomas), Uder (66’ Praet) Chundhuri (66 ‘Medi), Tillemans, Justin, Albrighton, Madison (74’ Burns), Vardi (70 ‘Ienacho) Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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