AEK: He fought but did not succeed against Leicester

AEK fought. And in fact, enough. The “yellow-blacks” may have suffered their second defeat in the Europa League groups, but they also feel bitter about the result, due to the image they had. With their leaders Mandalo and Tankovic, AEK almost brought the match to a close with Leicester, at the beginning of the second half. But again the ball did not end up in the net, but somewhere in Maroussi. This is the issue of AEK. The Union, as in the match with Braga, created good opportunities yesterday (29/10), which it did not take advantage of. And as you know, at this level, you do not (always) have many. In two cases Marco Livagia could have sent the ball to Schmeichel and we had a different discussion now. The good Livagia, in yesterday’s match would have scored two goals. The prolonged deformation, however, continues for the Croatian, with the result that the whole team also supports him. Of course, it was not only the 27-year-old who lost phases with the “sack”. It was Tankovic who could have scored the second goal, while once again Nelson Oliveira was not on the field. This is a big issue for Massimo Carrera. AEK makes phases, threatens, but does not aim. The Italian coach is also called upon to find a solution quickly, but also to worry about the condition of his midfielders. Besides, let’s not forget that the contracts of Oliveira-Livagia drag on for so long and certainly play their role in the image they present on the field. We are talking about the attack, but Carrera should also be concerned about the behavior of the “yellow-blacks” in defense. Two bad assessments, two childish behaviors and two goals in the home of Tsintotas. Is it a lack of concentration? Maybe. However, the Union was betrayed (and) by its defense function, which in some cases was in a “storm”. Two matches in Europa, two defeats, with AEK hitting its head on theā€¦ wall, which is at zero. The responsibility is clearly hers. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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