Ad. Georgiadis: The operating days of the stores do not change

The Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, gave a series of clarifications and answers to the criticism of the opposition parties to the Production and Trade Committee. At the end of the discussion on the principle of the bill, which concerns the implementation of a European Regulation and contains, among other things provisions for the Competition Commission and the operation of the market, Mr. Georgiadis clarified that with the addition made to article 2A of the bill, the opening days of the stores do not change and the opening of the stores on Sunday is not institutionalized. No opening is instituted on Sunday. he attributed this interpretation to a misunderstanding, due to an addition made to stores operating in areas with less than 5,000 inhabitants, and the entire relevant article of the law had to be reworded in the draft law, in the context of the “good legislation” that has adopted. What is added to the current law, the minister explained, is that we are clearing a gray area that existed for the operation of stores on Sundays in areas with less than 5,000 inhabitants: These are mini markets, bakeries, confectioneries and very small businesses, which because they opened on Sunday, the Regions, after complaints were made, imposed fines of 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 euros. “We are regulating this,” Mr. Georgiadis said, “for some small and medium-sized retail companies operating in areas with less than 5,000 inhabitants, and not for some chains as we have heard. Criticism of recruitment The Minister of Development and Investment also rejected the criticism that From the reinforcement with human resources of the Inter-Service Market Control Unit, mass recruitments are hidden, saying that the recruitments are quite limited and in fact the specialties have been described – and all concern IT specialties. Responding to the criticisms for the provisions of the draft law Competition Committee from the Ministry of Finance, the Minister of Development also stressed that in order for the market to function fairly, there must be a strong Competition Commission and this can not be done when the Commission has a budget that brings them every year “pinch-pinch” ยป. He also rejected the criticism leveled at him, because another provision allows the Competition Commission to rent buildings for the housing needs of its services, saying characteristically, “what are we talking about now, that they will take public buildings from EFKA!”. , Mr. Georgiadis also announced the submission of four amendments: One will concern the inclusion of the public investment budget in a major category of fiscal classification, where it will be of a purely technical nature, so that the NSRF can have flexibility. There will also be an amendment to extend the term of the statutes of cultural associations until February 28, as no appointments can be made due to the pandemic. Two more amendments may also be tabled: one to increase the number of members of the National Research, Technology and Innovation Council, and one for ThessINTEC and the “Alexandria Innovation Zone” to move the project forward. SYRIZA: Questions Earlier, the rapporteur of the minority, Haris Mamoulakis, claimed that “effortless questions arise about the way in which the government chooses to legislate” taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the pandemic. He noted that “the crisis had asymmetric consequences and those companies that were ready and had the funds to invest in new digital technologies, took the opportunity, and today show significantly less losses, in contrast to small and medium enterprises facing the specter of extinction.” of SYRIZA wondered why the Inter-Service Market Control Unit, which is a purely judicial jurisdiction, is given to the Ministry of Development and not to the Ministry of Justice. “What know-how does it have to effectively control the forms of circumvention of competition in e-commerce?” In what timetable will it be strengthened with human resources and by what criteria is it called to impose fines that are so different from each other? ” Mr. Mamoulakis criticized the government’s decision, “to bring a provision for the extension of the operation of the stores on Sundays”, and in fact in its first bill in conditions of generalized lockdown and limited operation of the parliamentary institutions. It is a given, he said, that this provision, under different circumstances, would meet strong reactions from the world of work, noting that its implementation gives the opportunity to chain stores to operate in suburban areas of very large municipalities of the country. KINAL: Unrepentant The government The special spokesman of KINAL, Michalis Katrinis, described the government as “unrepentant”, as he said “it continues to underestimate the risk of the side effects of the second wave of the pandemic”. It focused on the issues of bank charges when conducting electronic transactions, but also of mobile phone companies for the use of data. He stressed that the regulations in the e-commerce market and the barriers to unfair practices should have been put in place, as there are a lot of complaints from the first quarantine, while there are very few cases where penalties and fines were imposed. The KINAL MP stressed that the Commission Competition has not been able to regulate the landscape of charges in electronic transactions, and that data charges from mobile phone companies are among the most expensive in the EU. Mr. Katrinis also referred to the opening of stores on Sundays, saying that this measure has come under fire from all market players – and that ESEE and GSEVEE had appealed to the Court of Cassation, where they were justified. KKE: The goal is the growth of companies The special spokesman of the KKE Manolis Syntychakis, referring to the draft law, said that this Regulation of the EU has to do again with the competition of the big internet groups. The regulations concerning the DMEA, he noted, do not increase its autonomy, nor do they cure the overlaps that exist, among other control authorities and services. The big groups will win again from this bill, and of course the working masses will lose. This is your philosophy and ideology, after all, he commented. The KKE MP described the protection of consumers from trafficking as “sham”. The goal, he said, is, in the final analysis, the growth of businesses, the greater acceleration of business concentration. Manolis Syntychakis was particularly critical of the operation of stores on Sundays but also of the opening days of public markets. Greek Solution: The patchwork of the bill has several reservations. The MP noted that Greece is in the last position of the European Union in terms of the security of business computer systems and stressed that “much needs to be done to protect businesses and consumers in Greece, in terms of electronic transactions and electronic trade, with the aim of securing them, reducing commissions and imposing digital taxation “. Great care needs to be taken “so that the big groups that are constantly becoming stronger do not prevail, controlling the market through profits to the detriment of all of us and depriving the state of revenues” stressed. DAY 25: Miscellaneous provisions He said that we have another bill with different provisions. He disagreed with the adoption of the term “online” transactions, saying that it is difficult for many people to understand. With the incorporation of the Directive, he said, an attempt is being made to build a regulatory framework, which will ensure the paid users of these services, businesses and consumers in the final analysis. He expressed reservations about whether the Inter-Service Market Control Unit could combat trafficking. Regarding the provisions concerning the Competition Commission, he argued that as a public authority that even receives revenue from the imposition of a fee on legal entities, it should be subject to a prudential control of its expenditures by the Court of Auditors, and not to a repressive control, while for market operation on Sundays and for articles on popular markets, he said how “we do not see these have anything to do with the issue of online services”. 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