A young man … Mussolini is looting Cyprus!

The culmination of a la Mussolini behavior of Erdogan’s neo-fascist ruling staff was without a doubt the recent neo-Ottoman anniversary parade in occupied Cyprus for 45 years of the illegal occupation of 40% of the European Republic of Cyprus by Turkish occupiers and assassins. 37 years since the establishment of the pseudo-state of the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (TRNC) and in fact when in the territory of this pseudo-state that is not recognized by any UN member state except! Turkey!), when, therefore, from In the prehistoric years until today, in this purely Greek Cypriot island, the sad neo-Ottoman effigy of the neo-sultan Erdogan was preparing a picnic over the memorials and the buried bones of the Greek Cypriots murdered in the region of Varos. Archbishop of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the martyred Armenia today raises huge with the bloody crescent, on the facades of the looted Greek Cypriot buildings of Famagusta, by the swarms of settlers of Turkish Anatolia, with the aim of altering the native Turkish Cypriot population, which is led by fraud, as an attempt to create a separate purely Turkish illegal state, which will serve as a prelude to the absorption of the free Greek Cypriot territories. Or rather, the transformation of the Republic of Cyprus into another Nagorno-Karabakh! The non-EU casus belli against the Turkish invaders. Cyprus is an equal member state of the EU and is explicitly stated in the founding act of the European Union, that any threat or hostile act against any EU country, by a non-EU Member State, that this is tantamount to a casus belli, a cause of war against the provocatively attacking foreign state. We have seen whether in the 45 years of hostile Turkish occupation in Cyprus both the UN and NATO , the Council of Europe and the decision-making centers of Brussels to have expelled the diplomatic missions of Ankara, as the first act of disapproval of Erdogan’s parliamentary fascist dictatorship? Did we see the implementation of the EU announcements for sanctions against A humiliating insults against the EU and the conversion of 40% of the Cypriot territory into a enslaved part of its territory The next pseudo-prime minister of the pseudo-state of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, to incite the population of the genuine Turkish Cypriots and not of course the of Cyprus in two hostile states. However, it is known that before the invasion of Attila 1 and 2 in Cyprus, in 1974 the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot ethnic groups lived together in harmony and friendship. We never heard of the decision centers in Brussels, run by the Turkophiles Angela Merkel and the NATO Jens Stoldenberg, have we heard these nominally guardians of European security, calling on the Turkish guards in the occupied territories of Cyprus to leave, in the name of UN Security Council resolutions, the trampled part of Cyprus? What does this prolonged guilty silence and voluntary submission of the EU to Erdogan’s incurable expansive jihadist bulimia mean? And let us admit that Erdogan’s provocative daily caress by Angela Merkel has already paved the way for the gradual dismantling of the once brilliant vision of a United Europe. Or rather for something that neither Jaredin Barbarossa, nor the majestic Suleiman, nor Muhammad the Conqueror achieved. That is, the way has already been paved for the Turkification of other territories of the current territory of the 28 EU member states with the 45-year tolerance of Brussels and the UN, the unpunished enslavement of 40% of the Cypriot territory by the neo-Mongol occupiers. Greece’s debtThe strongest shake-up in the complacency, indifference and fatalistic submission of the EU and NATO, to the oriental kismet imposed by Erdogan on the current West, would be for Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitrakos of patriotism from the relatively recent Greek political past. Dominant in this direction are the examples: 1) The withdrawal of Greece from the military wing of NATO, by decision of Konstantinos Karamanlis, as a sign of protest, for the Turkish invasion of Cyprus with the tolerance and weapons of NATO, in 1974- 1975.2) The general mobilization in March 1987 with a decision by Andreas Papandreou that led to the expulsion of the Turkish seismic vessel Piri Reis from the NE Aegean. The first strong message of questioning the pro-Turkish and anti-European role of NATO, and the problem of European security. The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, who represents one of the most powerful democracies in the EU, is the first to send an indisputable document. The next is the Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurtz, who openly denounces Europe as completely incompatible with vulgarity. Gradually it is legally prescribed that we will have rapid successive awakenings of the European democratic conscience throughout the territory of the EU. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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