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Maybe because Christmas is approaching and before it is Thanksgiving in the US, when the turkeys are slowly becoming topical, when I watch the 2021 committee try to give breath and interest in the preparations for the 200th anniversary of the Struggle. of Independence, it is impossible for me not to think of the case of the celebration as a proud turkey, which the poor woman tries to fly again and again, with the known results every time… Yesterday, for example, we heard the chair of the committee Gianna Angelopoulou ( formerly Fuehrerin) to speak enthusiastically about at least 200 proposals from all over Greece. There is no need to wonder what these suggestions are – they are unfortunately the kind you imagine. They come, the president explained, from local actors (sic) from areas of origin of heroes of the 21st century and, I would add, they stand out for their originality: busts, documentaries, movies, conferences. Let us not expect surprises. And the unfortunate comparisons with 2004 (visible in the video with the national anthem against Savvopoulos) probably hurt, because they raise the expectations for something big and bright, which is not going to be. Since the work is left to the tastes of the local communities, it is natural that what he is preparing to look back on: the skirt and the zippers – maybe even with an iPhone in hand for nailing. It is a pity, because the great opportunity of the 200 years is not to glorify the past (we inflated, after all, a life…), but to understand what we became and how we became. The organization of the 200 years anniversary failed for two reasons: first, because started without a strategy (we did not know exactly what we wanted to do, and therefore not how to do it) and, secondly, because the preparation coincided with the coronavirus and the uncertainty it has brought into our lives – a factor that made it even harder to find a strategy The coronavirus, unfortunately, excludes the only form of celebration that would unite all Greeks: a celebration. To say it in correct Greek, so that I can understand: a party, more precisely, a party! With music, bouzouki, electric guitars, dances, balloons, skewers, swings and sparklers. A super party is the only one that everyone would agree on. Unfortunately, such a thing is out of the question. What else could attract the interest of the Greeks on the anniversary? In such an age of uncertainty about the future, the answer is nothing. Maybe a small, token bonus? Even once, not necessarily permanently. This may have had some chances, but with the current financial reality it is impossible… The other problem with the celebration is that it is addressed internally, that is, to ourselves. Inevitably, then, it will have the character of incense to our master. But self-lubrication is boring and we are fed up with it. For almost forty years of populism (with some breaks, fortunately), politics is practiced by licking the people and the nation. When praise comes from us and is addressed to us, it makes no sense, they get tired. We are thirsty for the recognition that comes from outside! At this point is the other big difference, compared to the example of the 2004 Olympics. Then we organized a celebration of international interest. We were judged by outsiders, by those we deeply regard as “our best” and, therefore, we gave our best. 2021, however, is an internal affair, an exercise in self-referentiality, it does not interest anyone outside Greece; and that is not a great incentive to be interested. We Greeks remain as Edmond Abu discovered us in the distant 1850: superficial and we are dying for a figure το Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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