A “religious war” between Islam and the West μόνο only benefits Erdogan

The act of beheading the 18-year-old Islamist teacher Samuel Paty by the Islamist Anzorov must have been disgusting, abominable and barbaric. Moreover, France (: the country of Voltaire) certainly has the right to defend its secular state by any means, under the law of 1905 and the corresponding law of 1881, which give the right to any human being to criticize or and to defame any religion (the right to blaspheme)! “Muslim mosques”, which had lost their cult mission and were simply used as recruiting sites for jihadist Islamists. (“Economist, A jihadist beheading spurs the French to defend secularism”). And the same criticism is leveled, because the current French government had not exercised better supervision over social media (Facebook, etc.), when the latter allowed unacceptable the spread of “racial hate speech” or even the targeting of individuals! Let us not forget, after all, that the photo of the beheaded teacher had been posted on Facebook by the father of a student of the same class France, because he had publicly displayed the famous sketches of the Prophet Muhammad!) But beyond that I firmly believe that the assassination of the French professor can in no way be the reason for the unveiling of a generalized and uncontrollable religious or religious world. war between “Islam and the West”! In the first place, this would be an unexpected “gift” to him at this time. original Sultan Erdogan, who – in isolation – immediately tried to present himself as the representative of “all oppressed Muslims”! And so in some countries (such as Qatar) began the boycott of French products or even the burning of French flags! Moreover, Islam and the West are not one-dimensional and sterile entities! And it would be good to get away from the false theological terms of such a confrontation, because in addition to the jihadist Islamists and terrorists, there is also the Islam of spirituality Aristotle and other philosophers!) As are the Christian fundamentalists, who once blew up the Oklahoma Federal Building in America, killing 167 people! After all, the West is not “identified” only with its positive dimensions, such as Enlightenment, the habeas corpus, parliamentary democracy, Mozart, Bach, etc. But also with its negative dimensions, such as the Holocaust or the industrial means of exterminating “rivals” (“U. The conclusion? Western societies need – and must – defend their values, such as FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, etc. But not with a generalized and uncontrolled religious war between Islam and The West, which will dangerously destabilize the European field, due to the presence of large Muslim groups .. Many of whom have accepted European values ​​and live civilized .. The defense of the above European values ​​can be achieved today by other means, as with the timely “closure” of places of worship (Muslim mosques), when the latter are dangerously transformed into recruitment centers for Islamist terrorists! A size, that is, which was incomprehensibly degraded by the French authorities (and President Macron)! It is necessary, in my opinion, for the whole of Europe to move in this direction, but which it has avoided – mainly because of its economic interests to impose sanctions on Sultan Erdogan, when the latter unacceptably violated the sovereign rights of our country! Kalfelis Grigoris – Professor of the Law School of AUThkalfelis@law.ayth.gr Follow it on Google News and find out all Latest News from Greece and the World, at

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