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Those involved in the social sciences, and especially in political science, often study political behavior through a generational perspective. They begin with the assumption that people born and raised at the same time are exposed to a similar set of characteristics – economic, social, technological, political conditions – that inspire a similar attitude. They thus divide people into generations, with the help of a mixture of science and art. Joe Biden, for example: is 77 years old, born in November 1942, and this classifies him in the so-called Silent Generation – the generation of people born between 1928-1945, who were significantly affected by the Great Depression or World War II. . Ή Donald Trump: he is 74 years old, born in June 1946, and this ranks him (marginally), in Baby Boomers, the generation of people born between 1946-1964, during the period of prosperity that followed the War. Silent Generation and Baby Boomers (individual representatives do not judge the whole) had a strong connection to politics, a strong sense of civic responsibility. In contrast, Generation X, those born between 1965-1980, was identified with a lower interest in participating in the political process. With the Millennials, born between 1981-1996, things started to change again, its members did not necessarily see the political process as a way of solving public problems, but they leaned more towards volunteering and activism. And then came Generation Z, who have been born since 1997, and these young Americans are, according to experts, showing a huge interest in politics, and the use of political institutions, of democratic institutions, as a way of solving common problems. There are currently 88 million Millennials or “Gen Z” in the US. They are often described as “natives of the digital age” and are arguably the most ethnically and racially diverse generations in American history. They also have a high level of education, higher than previous generations at this stage of their lives. However, they are facing serious financial difficulties, they have to manage student loans, another Great Recession, plus a pandemic. So many experts, such as Dr. Elizabeth Mato, head of the Center for Youth Political Participation at Rutgers University in New Jersey, feared that the turnout of 18-29 year olds in this presidential election would be less than 46 percent. , 1% of the 2016 presidential election, far from the 51.1% of the 2008 presidential election when Barack Obama was first elected, 52% of the 1992 presidential election, when Bill Clinton was first elected, and his record of 55 , 4% that occurred in 1972, when the voting age in the US was reduced from 21 to 18 years old. to go to the polls and go to the polls, and this year due to the situation many electoral procedures have changed, some states accept only letter ballots – all of which can confuse young people, keep them away from the ballot box, further away than usual. And yet. As of October 27, more than 7,000,000 young people aged 18-29 – 4,000,000 of them – in 14 states – key candidates who can judge the presidency and vote – had voted, according to the Tufts University CIRCLE Information and Research Center. the control of the Senate. In Texas alone, 1 million young people had already voted, compared to a total of 1.2 million who voted in the 2016 election. In Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, 50% – 60% of those who voted in 2016 had already voted. Young people usually prefer to vote on election day, not earlier. The percentage of their participation, therefore, is expected to exceed any previous one. As for their preference, according to a recent poll by the Harvard Policy Institute, 63% of young people aged 18-24 who said they would “definitely vote” choose Biden. As Justin Cheng, head of the Harvard Public Opinion Project, commented, “Young people have grown up with the fear of gun attacks on schools, “financial injustice and thirst for calm leadership, a pair of safe hands.” The “Gen Z” Millennials seem to be voting en masse to elect a representative of the Silent Generation to the US presidency. For the social scientists, it will be a very interesting phenomenon. For the simple, average (unsprayed) inhabitant of this planet, a huge relief. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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