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The electoral contest and the marginal difference between the two candidates for the US presidency have shown that this great country is deeply divided. This was evident in the presidential election and is strongly highlighted by the sociological analysis of the American vote. In the United States, two diametrically opposed worldviews clash, and regardless of the election, these two different perceptions entered into a constant but decisive battle for the future itself. In essence, this confrontation brings to the surface the confrontation of different values, moral rules and codes, but also turns the clock back to a rogue memory of an era where ideological warfare was waged at all levels for the obvious, individually and socially. To understand the social and political development in the United States, let us refer to Ronald Dworkin, who is considered one of the most important political philosophers of our time. And his book, The American Republic in Danger (Polis Publications, edited by Grigoris Molyvas), fully captures the landscape in the United States as it is today, despite the fact that 14 years have passed since then. The book, although written in 2006 It is extremely timely and if you look at its pages you will see the division that we see today in the US and which preceded the Trump presidency. At one point at the end of his book, Dworkin raises the question of whether it is possible to establish a genuine democracy in America, and proposes several arguments to the contrary. possible questioning of the election result of the presidential election. Unimaginable for the United States and yet so real that it may alienate us, but it fully captures the divisive climate that prevails. And the crucial thing in the US is for social justice to prevail, which would solve many of the problems that are found in American society and contribute to the division and confrontation of two worlds. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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