A custom hagiography and Olympiacos

As an option, “from the area of ​​the Unions”, in fact, for the presidency of the EPO, the candidacy of Mr. Psarropoulos is a funny case. It is a choice that fully corresponds to the image of an EPO declining, in decline of values, a prisoner of interests of various caliphs and fully subordinated to the well-known alliance AEK, PAOK with a bit of PAO. moving in and around AEK, as Ivan Savvidis completely left the stadium of the Unions, resulting in a number of Free-range Unions claiming a role of their own the next day. On nominal terms, Mr. Psarropoulos was chosen to lead the worst, according to all estimates and forecasts, EPO of all times Mr. Melissanidis in collaboration with Mr. Thomas Mitropoulos and Mr. Giannis Papadopoulos. No Union was asked, no Union was asked for its opinion, no Union was given reason to express an opinion, for no Union was spent time to be convinced. Such reports, for those who know the human geography of the EPO, are jokes of the bad time !!! The decision “Psarropoulos for president” was announced in all the Associations of the influence of AEK and those who remained from PAOK and finally. All of them, as provided by their degree of submission, agreed and the process of sending suggestions in favor of the elected representative of AEK Nothing else started !!! The election of Mr. Psarropoulos is presented (and numerically it is) as a given. He claims that he has in his pocket 44-45 votes out of 69 who vote in total, so no problem. At the same time, when everything appears to be over and the date for the General Assembly is simply sought, the system of consolidation in Athens feels, for some unspecified reason, the need to paint the portrait of the presidential candidate as connected with (perhaps fanatical) feelings with Olympiakos. poin the Rubicon of the elections and to settle in the common consciousness as an “Olympiacos” (so he stated), who is running for president of the EPO with the exclusive blessings of AEK (PAOK does not exist anyway), due to his indefinite abilities (!! !!), which some presidents of Associations have now discovered and enthusiastically accepted to offer him to lead the EPO. Not even in fairy tales !!! Psarropoulos himself, in whatever protected environment he finds himself in, on the contrary, diligently promotes the public image of an “Olympiakakia”, that is, a fan of Olympiakos, “who was born that way and will die that way”, so rather Olympiakos is wrong that it does not agree with its candidacy and does not participate in the power bloc under AEK. This is what he wants to say, but he is prevented from saying it! Mr. Psarropoulos is neither “Olympiacos” nor “Olympiakakias”. Thomas and Thomakias have always been from those golden times of the shack of Kavala Avenue and have remained so until today. Finally, she is also “Giannakias”, due to strong family ties. of the accused as “Olympiakakia”) in 2016 and was found defending with his chest the consolidation and cleansing of the various Kontonides, PAOK and AEK. Also known in the stones of the courtyard in Goudi Ή It was in the “holy trinity” of Thomas in the Executive Committee of this EPO. His main mission, three years now, was to take part in all EU meetings. of the EPO the pieces of AEK against Olympiakos (but also of UEFA, in the person of Mr. Fusek). What he did and said about the organization and conduct of the Cup final (venue, date and roster), as well as the request of the red and whites to hold the semifinals of the Cup (in Karaiskaki with PAOK) are also known. In all these meetings and in all the votes, Mr. Psarropoulos honored Thomas and his relationship with AEK and did everything in his power to make his mentor and his boss happy. football family knows very well the works and days of Mr. Psarropoulos, both in the General Assemblies of the EPO (starting from that unforgettable one that was held in the old Holiday Inn and still Mr. Lyssaridis is looking to find out what happened and Mr. Stavros “He saw the light of day” and beat her from the opposition overnight), as well as in his subsequent presence, either in positions of responsibility or close to them. The old EPOs tell many and peppery stories, full of changes of attitude and mood depending on the wind (and in the Aegean many winds blow), but let us leave these for those who know first hand (and there are many). and the creation of a public image of consensus and coexistence (who with whom?) was deemed necessary, as the risk of Mr. Psarropoulos being described as the sole candidate of AEK (not even PAOK, except for a hard core) was In this planning, Olympiacos was chosen to play the role of the swimming pool of Siloam in order to erase all the “sins” of the presidential candidate and to restore the image to the general public, who ignore him. a person of wider acceptance than those, the few, who proposed him and then imposed him. The term of office of Mr. Psarropoulos (whenever the elections are held ) is already marked and leads to generalized decline, collapse and a football captive to interests and associations to a much worse degree than what is described today. In this prescribed course, it is from very difficult to impossible for Olympiacos to cooperate. So, Leventes, play ball yourself! Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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