5G Networks in Greece: From the beginning of 2021 the “FAISTOS” fund will start operating

The “FAISTOS” fund that will be created from the proceeds of the 5G auction will start operating “from the beginning of next year, at some point in the first quarter it will be staffed, it will have” raised “the money during our critical which we want from the private sector and will start investing “. This was stated by the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis in his speech at the web conference InfoComWorld. The Minister pointed out that “they are forward-looking. Apart from the Fund, which is a part of the equation, all sectors of the economy should be involved, and this is our responsibility, as well as all the ministries, everyone should have a plan for how to deal with the switch to 5G. I would say that the EY study deserves to be studied by everyone, both by investors and by telecommunications providers and entrepreneurs. The key point will be how quickly these ideas will be “born” and by whom and it is very important for our country to be able to lead. “5G development in key areas Meanwhile, the development of 5G especially in key areas such as logistics or transport is part of the planning of the ministry as stressed by the Secretary General of Telecommunications and Posts, Antonis Tzortzakakis “our focus is always on increasing productivity and the financial footprint of technologies and not just technologies for technologies”. We have 600 km of road from the border of Evzoni to Piraeus and Athens. “What we are thinking about is this corridor together with the Egnatia that ends in Edirne and the western axis that goes to Igoumenitsa to join the 5G corridors that exist in the European Union and provide for autonomous transport”. As Mr. Tzortzakakis pointed out, “the goal is to be able to create an uninterrupted flow of freight on these roads, not of cars but of transport – trucks in order to increase productivity and to be able to have all these kilometers within 4 meters of one truck from the other to be able to create an uninterrupted chain of logistics. “Such efforts have been made across Belgium and the Netherlands.” The project budget is estimated to be around 160 to 180 million. Note that the 5G corridors mean that there is a parallel electronic traffic axis, where 5G technology allows autonomous vehicles, ie without a driver, to be connected in real time. among themselves, pedestrians, road infrastructure, as well as public networks and telecommunications resources in the cloud. SpeedsFinally, on whether the speeds of the State can meet the next generation EY funding and whether the projects are delayed, Mr. Tzortzakakis responded with numbers emphasizing the mobility it has shown and the fast pace that the Ministry of Digital Government is following. “In 298 working days, 5 laws have been implemented, 10 ministerial decisions, of which 4 are joint ministerial decisions, 12 decisions, respective proposals, 4 contracts, 2 draft contracts, 3 public consultations and all this in the order and the prerequisites that I describe in the figure. There are 8 organizations that had to work together for this “. Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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